Hello world!

Once upon a time, Ms. Tabata was THE least tech-savvy teacher in the world but, with a growth mindset mentality, she is ready to embrace technology and perhaps become the BEST mediocre tech-savvy teacher at Panorama Heights!

If Ms. Tabata were able to add a cool picture to make this post more entertaining and colourful, she would. But, alas, she doesn’t know how…yet. ย When she does learn how to post a picture, she really hopes you will celebrate her accomplishment by commenting on her post with kind words.

: )

If you turn your head sideways, the above colon and close bracket make a smiley face. That is how people Ms. Tabata’s age used to make emojis when texting on their Nokia flip phones in 1997. People may have had pet dinosaurs back then too. It was a LONG time ago.


8 thoughts on “Hello world!

    • I am SO happy to hear that you enjoyed Challenge class, Arthur! Is there anything that you would like to learn about in Challenge this year? I am always up for some ideas!

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